We can help you every step of the way.


Renting out a property can be a fantastic source of income, as well as a valuable way of putting a property to use. Whether you are a first time landlord, new to the business with a single property, or an experienced professional, we can offer a service tailored to your needs.

Through experience, we have learnt that the most effective relationship between a tenant and landlord is when an agency steps in as the middle man. It encourages a more honest relationship and improves communication by offering a team that tenants feel are approachable and can be relied upon to handle all matter of problems fairly. It ultimately means the landlord can gain from that trust by benefiting from smoother transactions and a more effective affiliation.
Our background of being successful landlords ourselves means we understand the day to day problems that can occur and what the most important objectives are. We understand that you want to rent out your property as fast as possible, to the most suitable tenant and at the best price. You want to minimise your void periods and ultimately gain an investment. We offer to do all of this by taking on the entire process of letting out your property, whilst understanding and working hard to meet all of your requirements. Every landlord and property has individual circumstances, so we work to suit you.
We love to talk, so if you are you thinking of buying an investment property but are new to the business, we can offer you sound advice for choosing the right property and can explain the steps to go from there. Pad can also recommend movements towards refurbishment and renovation.
Are you an investor looking for a property in this area, but live the other side of the country? We can deal with everything right from the off – even supporting you in finding the right property. Our area knowledge means we know the best streets for letting, popular locations and which properties are worth your time renovating. We currently support landlords who live elsewhere in the UK and worldwide, with our services being used in countries such as Iceland, Thailand and even as far away as Australia. Our management services offer them smooth transactions, 24 hour support, and ultimately support them to maintain an investment.

Here’s how we can help you every step of the way…

Preparing your property

  • Conduct all the safety checks.
  • Advise and manage any maintenance work.
  • Offer a personal service.


  • Effective marketing aimed at the right target audience, which includes the use of sites such as Zoopla.
  • Coordinate feedback and offers.
  • Organise all reference and credit checks.

Sealing the deal

  • Prepare tenancy agreements.
  • Manage finances such as rent and deposits; of which are all put into the deposit protection scheme.
  • Prepare detailed inventories.

How much do you want us involved?

  • Want us to manage your property? We offer a competitive 10% management fee.
  • Don’t want late night calls? Let us deal with the unreliable boilers too!